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About Us

From a Vision to the NoirGold Experience - The CMC Labs Story

Welcome to the world of CMC Labs, the birthplace of the NoirGold winter puffer jacket, where our Canadian heritage fuels our pursuit of perfection in winter wear. Our journey began with a standout jacket in Asia that struck a chord with those who valued both warmth and style. Inspired by this, we birthed the idea of NoirGold – a line that represents the pinnacle of winter fashion.

NoirGold, translating to "Black Gold," is a testament to the blend of classic elegance and technological mastery. Our winter puffer jackets are not just a staple of fashion; they're an innovation in comfort. The black of our jackets speaks to the sophistication and versatility in style, while the gold reflects the advanced thermal heat storage technology that lies within, ensuring that each streetwear puffer jacket is a fortress against the cold.

Every NoirGold down jacket goose-filled and crafted by CMC Labs is a tribute to the relentless Canadian winters that taught us the true value of quality insulation. We've taken the traditional winter puffer jacket and elevated it with a streetwear edge, creating a product that's as at home on the snowy sidewalks of Toronto as it is on the brisk avenues of Tokyo.

In crafting the NoirGold collection, we've ensured that the phrase "down jacket goose" means more than insulation—it's a promise of unmatched quality and ethical sourcing. Our commitment to sustainability shines as brightly as the golden accents on our jackets, serving as a beacon of our dedication to the environment and our customers' comfort.

As we continue to innovate and expand, CMC Labs invites you to join our mission to provide the ultimate winter puffer jacket to the world. The NoirGold collection is waiting to wrap you in a warmth that doesn't compromise on style, making every winter day an opportunity to showcase your taste for luxury and innovation.

Thank you for embracing the warmth with CMC Labs, where every winter puffer jacket we create is a masterpiece that stands the test of time and trend.